Getting Started with Begin Bright

Getting started in your own business is easy with Begin Bright! 

We have been supporting business owners for over ten years and now we can support you. Depending on your situation you could be delivering the Begin Bright programmes in just weeks.

Where do you start?

  1. You're already there! You're at the enquiry stage, finding out about the programmes and seeing if it's a good fit for you. We're happy to answer any questions you have about Begin Bright and our programmes. You can in touch with us here.
  2. Next you'll decide on which programmes suit your business, you can start with one or more programmes.
  3. Once you've decided on the programmes, we can confirm all the details and draw up the licence agreement.
  4. When you've signed your agreement and paid your licence fee (we also have payment plans available) you're ready to go! You can start delivering the Begin Bright programmes.

We've put together a free start up guide to help you start your business, you can download it below.  

Got a question? You can contact us here